Diana: from Muslim refugee child to discipleship leader

Diana is one of many Syrian refugees who have found new life in Christ through Horizons’ ministry centers in Lebanon. Below, Diana shares how her journey from attending children’s activities to becoming a disciple-maker herself. Originally published in the December 2021 newsletter.

“My name is Diana, and I serve as a discipleship leader with Horizons Lebanon. I first heard about Christ as a 13-year-old Muslim refugee girl, when my friend invited me to a children’s ministry activity at Horizons’ Nabaa center. I could never have imagined how the Lord would work in and through me over the next 10 years.

My father passed away when I was young, and we had to leave Syria because of the war. I arrived in Lebanon grieving and angry—blaming God for taking my father and my home away from me. At the Nabaa Center, I received discipleship through the children’s ministry and got connected with a church, where I heard more about the God of the Bible. Learning about God as a loving Father who is always there for me completely transformed my life. I gave my life to God, and my whole family came to faith two years later, after we prayed and God miraculously healed my sister from an illness no doctors could cure!

I grew deeper in my faith through discipleship classes at the Nabaa Center. Horizons provided a job for me as a cleaner while I was being discipled and trained. Learning more about Jesus made me want to help others know Him better. I wanted to start serving in a ministry role, and Horizons’ staff encouraged me to develop my gifts. They helped me start serving in the children’s ministry, where I helped develop a children’s discipleship curriculum and helped produce videos for it.

Last year, God gave me a desire to minister to other women, especially Kurdish women — who I now lead in two weekly discipleship classes. I listen to their struggles and burdens and help them understand that Jesus is sufficient to meet all of their needs. I pray that God will continue using me to reach many more women with the gospel, so that others can experience the hope and peace that I have found in Him.”

Diana Hamo

Discipleship Leader