Welcome to On the Horizon!

Friends and advocates,

we are so glad to have you here! If you have been a long-time supporter of Horizons International you will know that God has stretched and grown our ministry in many ways and launched us on many exciting new ventures. As the Horizons staff and activities have grown and expanded throughout the world, a variety of storylines have developed and are weaving together to make an intricate tapestry that is the fabric of our organization.

Mid East Tapestry

Our team is continually blown away at the things that the Lord is doing through us and we’ve been faced with a problem. Our problem is that we have not been able to keep up with effectively communicating all that God is doing. So, in an attempt to keep all of you updated on the narratives that are being sewn into the Horizons tapestry we decided to start this Blog.

By following this blog you can expect to be updated weekly on exciting stories and testimonies from our global ministries. So please do yourself a favor and subscribe to our blog so that you won’t miss out on what God is doing through Horizons.

We look forward to sharing exciting news with you weekly!


The Horizons Family