Engaging Islam in Hong Kong

With Islam continuing to grow at a rapid pace, Horizons International Asia is promoting and hosting events to help equip the church in Hong Kong with a better understanding of how to reach and engage with Muslims.


What is a Horizons lighthouse?

The Lighthouse as a Symbol A lighthouse is a beautiful symbol of the radiating light of Christ. The refugees around our centers in the Middle East are coming from a dark place. War, death, depression, PTSD, and horrible living conditions are only a few examples of the darkness overwhelming the life of a refugee. Not … Continue reading What is a Horizons lighthouse?

Hundreds of People Blessed by Audio Bibles!

Audio Bibles distributed throughout Lebanon We recently were gifted a large number of audio bibles and want to share our testimonies of how people were blessed through them. Horizons staff distributed them to churches and their pastors, leaders of discipleship groups, individuals, and in evangelistic events to refugees. They have been distributed to most of the … Continue reading Hundreds of People Blessed by Audio Bibles!