Engaging Islam in Hong Kong

An influx of Muslim migrants coming from Pakistan, India, and Malaysia has spurred a sharp rise in Islamic influence throughout Hong Kong. Out of 7 million people living in the city, around 4% of the entire population now identifies as Muslim, while 11% identify as Christian. With the Muslim population continuing to grow at a rapid pace, Horizons International Asia promotes and hosts events to help equip the church with a better understanding of how to reach and engage with Muslims.

Street Outreach


The leaders of HI Asia, “John and Sarah,” whose names have been changed to retain their anonymity, constructed a team of ten volunteers in the heart of Hong Kong. They’ve recently launched a street evangelism team in October that struggled with fear when sharing the gospel with the implementation of restrictive rights on Christians meeting openly.

However, this past year HI Asia has seen great breakthrough. More Christians are volunteering, boldly proclaiming the gospel, and ministering to those interested in the streets of Hong Kong. Because of this, John and Sarah are projecting to equip over 800 believers on how to engage with the Muslim community in 2019. In fact, they are planning on extending their outreach to two more districts this year!

Upcoming Events and Prayer Requests

This summer, HI Asia plans to host Dr. Bernie Power, an author and expert in Hadith, the record of the traditions or sayings of the Islamic prophet Muhammed. There will be three open meetings for Muslims and Christians to attend. Please pray with us that Muslims come to all three sessions open and eager to learn about Jesus. Also, pray with us that the Christians in attendance are willing to learn about and face the challenge of reaching over 300,000 Muslims in Hong Kong.