Engaging Islam in Hong Kong

With Islam continuing to grow at a rapid pace, Horizons International Asia is promoting and hosting events to help equip the church in Hong Kong with a better understanding of how to reach and engage with Muslims.


Director of Kurdish Ministries Takes Short Term Mission Trip to Syria

Horizons International's Director of Kurdish Ministries, Nihad, returned this May from a short term missions trip in Syria between Aleppo and Afrin. He spent five days on this trip partnering in ministry with the Good Shepherd Church.

Spiritual Warfare and the Prayer for all Nations Center

*The core of this blog is taken directly from an interview conducted by Mission Network News with Pierre Houssney, our Executive Director, and adapted and expanded upon. To listen to the interview you can do so at this link. Spiritual warfare is often veiled in developed nations, but Horizons International’s Pierre Houssney says it’s a … Continue reading Spiritual Warfare and the Prayer for all Nations Center