New Fruit in the Refugee Camps

Exciting update from the Beqaa Valley: The following is a report from one of the Horizons Staff members who visits the refugee camps in the Beqaa valley every week. There is one specific family that we have been visiting as a team, that we are especially excited about. The first time we visited them, we … Continue reading New Fruit in the Refugee Camps


Discipleship Festival Testimonies (Part 2)

Women's discipleship classes In the third week of February, Horizons International hosted its first of six Cubs to Lions discipleship festivals for 2019 in our Beirut Lighthouse for four days. As was explained in part 1, each day the women came and brought their children with them for discipleship. Last week we talked about the … Continue reading Discipleship Festival Testimonies (Part 2)

Cubs to Lions – Discipleship Festival (Part 1)

Six Discipleship Festivals to be Held in Beirut Lighthouse As part of the Cubs To Lions discipleship training, our Lebanon staff decided for the year of 2019 to host six different discipleship festivals. At these festivals, all the women from our individual weekly classes will come to get a part of their training and they … Continue reading Cubs to Lions – Discipleship Festival (Part 1)