Hundreds of People Blessed by Audio Bibles!

Audio Bibles distributed throughout Lebanon

We recently were gifted a large number of audio bibles and want to share our testimonies of how people were blessed through them. Horizons staff distributed them to churches and their pastors, leaders of discipleship groups, individuals, and in evangelistic events to refugees. They have been distributed to most of the districts in Lebanon and even outside of Lebanon to Syria, since some of our missionaries took them on a short term trip and gave them out during house visits.

A testimony from Church of God Ministry in South of Lebanon:

Pastor Joseph Zorob from the Church of God Ministry gave out audio Bibles at an evangelistic event and reported the following.

Than you so much for your support. One hundred and thirty kids accepted Jesus from three villages that attended the kids event in the south. Adults were present as well and more than ten adults accepted Jesus in one day! God is doing great things and I just want to thank you so much for your support that makes the difference. We love you!

Church of God ministry

A Testimony from Syria:

Discipleship 3

Nour Samer Mareia, a member at Horizons international, went on a mission trip to Hama Al Sekelia and while going on house visits shared the gospel and

gave audio bibles to those who accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. Two of the people who gave their testimonies concerning the audio bibles said, that they were able to listen to the word of God and get to know Jesus. They reported that it was as if carrying the bible and listening to it but with a better understanding since they were able to listen and be engaged all the time with the word of God. The audio Bibles are very helpful because a lot of people are illiterate.

Testimony at Nabaa discipleship students:Discipleship 6

Rima, discipleship leader at Horizons International, gave audio Bibles to her students who have newly come to christ and don’t know how to read. The women were so excited receiving audio bibles since they were able to listen to the word of God. Most of the women were longing to read the bible and know more about Jesus but because of their illiteracy they could not read a word from the bible. The audio Bibles helped them to grow in the word and become stronger in their Christian faith.

We are receiving more testimonies concerning the audio Bibles and how they are changing peoples lives.

If you want to get involved with Horizons, or donate things such as audio Bibles, check out this page here: horizonsinternational