Horizons Missionaries Report on Their Recent Trip to Syria

This past month, a couple from our Horizons Missions team went on a trip for seven days to Syria. For security reasons we cannot mention their names or where they were. While there, they lead five church services which included 30 minutes of worship and 30 minutes of sharing the word at each. They also led one in depth Bible Study session and then went on ten house visits in different districts, each visit lasting from two to three hours depending on the need of counseling, prayer or questions. Since most of the people come from a different religious background they spent a lot of time answering questions.

During the house visits there were many heartbreaking stories of the many terrible problems that the people have. But there were also encouraging stories. One of the churches they served shared a testimony about a seven year old who went into five hours of coma after falling on her head and harming her scull. During the five hours, the servants of the church had directly prayed with the child, and finally she woke up and God restored her back to health. Our team visited the family to check on the child and they said that she was completely in full health.

In another house they visited there was a married couple who had a serious misunderstanding going on between them and they needed counseling to reconcile. So our brother and his wife sat down with the couple and was able to counsel and pray for them. Before they left, the couple had started communicating with each other.

Our brother shared a testimony about how God saved him and his wife at the last minute from an attack in the region. For once he finished his last service at 5.30 pm, and he insisted on returning to Beirut as soon as possible, for he felt the Lord leading him to leave on the same day.

The taxi driver which was supposed to pick them up had a delay, so they waited until another driver was ready to come. Finally at seven o’clock at night they left, and by midnight they arrived in Beirut. Around the same time, there was an attack over the whole area they had just served. The people who serve in the local churches were unharmed since they had left their houses once they heard the noises, but there were many people killed or seriously wounded. The number of the people dead including children was around three-hundred. The attack was on every house and there was slaughtering of men, women, and children.

Now that the attack has taken place people need medical aid and financial support to be able to survive the casualties of war that is taking place.

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When you go to the link you can designate funds specifically to Syria.