“Do You Have Inner Peace?

Nour finds Christ online.

“Do you have inner peace?” I stumbled across this simple question posted on the Pure Heart evangelistic Facebook page, and felt led to respond. I thought I knew the answer, but the more I talked with the Horizons’ staff members who replied to my comments and questions, the more I began to doubt.

Did I really have peace? Why did I feel like I was always striving, and failing, to please God? Was Islam really true?

Quickly, our conversation turned toward Jesus. I had heard about Jesus before, while I was still living in my native country of Syria. A Christian neighbor had been sharing with me about Jesus and offering me a Bible, which I refused to take. Neither of us knew it at the time, but God used that relationship to plant seeds of salvation in my life, seeds He was bringing to fruition years later through my conversation with other faithful believers.

The more I engaged with Horizons staff, the more my doubts began to grow, until I was certain that my beliefs about God were not founded on truth. I knew that the religious bondage I had been living under was far from the love of God. Once I understood what Jesus did for me on the cross, bridging the gap between us that I could never mend through my own striving, I gave my life to Him.

Through His grace, God has given me peace and confidence like I had never experienced under Islam. Early on in my journey of faith when I was struggling with fears about how to lead my children to Jesus, He revealed Himself to me through a voice saying, “The Holy Spirit has rested on your children.” Still fearful and uncertain, I prayed for a clearer message. I heard the same voice tell me, “I have removed your doubts and I have established you.” From that moment on, I knew that doubt had no place in the life God was calling me to. 

Because I have met the source of true and lasting peace, I want to help others know Him too. I used to be afraid to even own a Bible because of what my Muslim friends and neighbors would think, but now I am grateful for the opportunity to share the gospel with Muslims in my community. I know that God is leading me to evangelize and proclaim His name with boldness so that others might come to know Him through me.

If you have an Arabic-speaking friend who needs to know Jesus, you can connect them to Pure Heart of the Middle East.