Testimonies of Growth: October 2021

Though one plants, and another waters, it is God who causes the growth. And across the globe, this growth is happening every day! Horizons Lebanon team members and those they serve share about the work God has done in and through them. 


My journey of faith began six years ago when I first came to know Christ. As soon as I met the Lord, I found myself longing to serve Him in any way possible. I was part of a home group ministry at the time, where I heard about an opportunity to serve at the Horizons café (now the MEC). Although I didn’t think I had any special talents, I still wanted to offer myself fully to God as a vessel that He could use to bless others. I knew almost nothing about the practical aspects of serving, but God taught and guided me along the way. He equipped me with the skills and opportunities I needed to grow in my faith and become a servant leader. Today, I am responsible for the Language Academy of Beirut, where I serve alongside nine amazing teachers from local churches in Lebanon.


Coming from a Muslim background, I knew very little about what it means to follow Christ. But seven years ago, when I learned how Jesus humbled himself to become a man and die for my sins, I gave him my heart. As a new believer, I received guidance and support from the community of Christians at a Horizons ministry center. God used their investment in my life to strengthen my faith and prepare me to extend the same love to others. My journey has been full of growth and learning to serve God with my life. I now disciple, lead, and train other women to grow into mature believers, so that they can disciple others and continue multiplying the Kingdom!


My house was severely damaged by the explosion in Beirut last August, and it’s by the grace of God that I was not seriously injured or killed. God revealed his faithfulness to me through the staff members who supported me and provided aid after the blast, praying for me and helping me get the medicine I needed. Before this, I had heard about Jesus but had never experienced the full extent of his provision. My faith has grown much deeper from experiencing the hand of the Lord helping me through this difficult time, and I am grateful for all that God is doing in my life.


I joined the Horizons family through a temporary children’s ministry internship in December 2018, not knowing where it would lead me. I loved serving and spending time with kids, which taught me a lot about myself and the ways God has gifted me. When COVID hit, in-person teaching was put on hold, but this gave me an opportunity to join the curriculum development team. I now teach, write curriculum, and post social media content to reach people around the world, but I still get to work with kids; we’re now launching a YouTube channel to help Arab children learn about Jesus! I’m so thankful God put people in my life who help me discover my unique talents and push me out of my comfort zone to serve Him.


Before coming to the Horizons’ ministry center and connecting with a community of believers, I tried to read the Bible on my own but had difficulty understanding what I read. I tried to pray, but I didn’t know who I was praying to. Now, not only do I understand who God is and what he has done for me, I can effectively share and explain the gospel with others! Over the last five years, through walking with the Lord in community and being discipled by those around me, my faith has grown stronger and richer than ever before.