Lebanon Crisis Relief

Rebuilding after the explosion in Beirut will be a long journey while Lebanon continues to suffer from economic collapse, government instability, and the impact of coronavirus. However, opportunities for the gospel are greater than ever before, and many Lebanese victims of the explosion are open to hearing about Jesus for the first time.

With most of Beirut’s windows shattered, Horizons has put together construction teams that have been going from house to house helping with repair, providing new windows, and cleaning up debris. 

Even more importantly, team members take the time to sit down with each family after the repairs are done and clearly share the gospel, provide them with a Bible, and promise to visit again. Gospel relationships are being developed, and some have even given their hearts to the Lord!

The Lebanon Crisis Fund has replaced 490 windows so far. Teams go into families’ homes, help with cleanup and repairs, share the gospel, and provide them with Bibles.

“Who led you to my house?” Violette asked when our team rung the bell. “We asked God who needs help and we saw your house, so Jesus led us to you!” I told her. We sat down with them, and they asked many questions. She even asked about church, so we told her about a church and gave them a Bible. She told us she loves us and wants us to keep visiting her.

– Dolly Dibb, Horizons staff member in Lebanon
Dolly ministers to Violette while window repairs continue in the background.
The Horizons renovation team out providing home repairs.

Food Distribution and Relief

As another means to spread the gospel, Horizons staff and partner churches have distributed over 26,150 fresh sandwiches to Beirut residents who are homeless or in-need after the blast.

We also met another man named Debes on the street riding his bike. He wanted us to help him clean his balcony. We followed him to his house and did all the cleaning. He was so happy, and we shared the gospel with him and he gave his heart to Christ and promised he would read the Bible!

– Horizons relief team member

Medical Aid

Following the explosion, Horizons team members set up a medical clinic in the ministry center to treat the injured. Teams on the street have also purchased essential medicines, distributing to families in need.

Please continue to pray for Horizons Lebanon that the gospel would go out boldly as they minister to the explosion victims. Pray also for those who have recently come to Christ that they would stay strong in their new faith!