Hameed: A Refugee’s Testimony

Hameed’s story is just one of many Syrian refugees who have found Christ — and new hope — through the Horizons ministry centers in Lebanon. Below, Hameed shares how he fled with his family from ISIS to Lebanon, and there found Christ. Originally published in the Vision 2020 newsletter.

I lived for 25 years as a Kurdish Yazidi in Syria — until the civil war. My family’s hometown of Afrin was attacked and occupied by ISIS, so we fled to Lebanon.

I was depressed and found it hard to live as a refugee, but thankfully, God sent Kurdish Christians to find me and minister to me. They took me to a Kurdish church service, where I enjoyed worshipping and learning about Jesus.

For months I was full of doubt, but eventually I began praying to God, testing him to see if he was real. Then He spoke to me, saying, “I see you and live inside you.” He told me, “I am Your God; do not fear. I chose you, and I want you to sing for Me.” At that moment, my new life began, full of hope and light. Praise God!

I found my calling as an evangelist, and my testimony played a part in bringing over 50 members of my family to Christ.

Every day we serve the Kingdom to see more people saved—and I am thankful that I have spent the last 5 years serving with Horizons. For me, Horizons has been an open door to all the ministries I could possibly carry out.

Whenever I’d want to share Jesus with someone, I could always bring them to Horizons, where there are services in any language they’d need (whether Arabic, Kurdish, or Armenian), free gospel materials, and discipleship classes. It’s an amazing community—a perfect place to bring new seekers from any background.

Worship in the Horizons Nabaa Center

I have been set free in the Lord, and I pray that we will all work together in the Great Commission until all are saved!

Hameed Jounou

Please pray that many more Syrian refugees would come to Christ in Lebanon. God is at work!