Georges Houssney’s Trip To Asia (Pt. 1 of 3) — Hong Kong

Georges Houssney’s Trip to Asia:

Recently, Horizons International President Georges Houssney embarked on a fruitful, multi-faceted trip to Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. This journey of nearly three weeks saw him leading a scheduled Engaging Islam Course, lecturing at university campuses, publicly debating a prominent Muslim evangelizer, and mentoring members of a growing Christian movement. By the end of this 3-country visit, Georges was encouraged in his faith, the church was strengthened in the gospel, and Horizons as a whole gained a broader vision of our ministry’s purpose for the entire continent of Asia.

This 3-part series is a report on the happenings in each country Georges visited. Ever since Horizons International Asia was incorporated officially in Hong Kong a few years ago, we have found fertile field of new believers and Muslim converts to reach with the Word of Jesus. We now have regular staff members serving in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Afghanistan, and more are joining.

Hong Kong – Georges Houssney’s Debate, Engaging Islam, and Lectures

Georges’ main purpose in visiting Hong Kong was to lead an Engaging Islam Course. This was his third visit to Hong Kong for an Engage Course, which draws more new faces each time it is offered. This year, several attendees commented that the teaching was life-changing for them—and others expressed interest in going on mission trips to Lebanon! Last year, the church sent three teams to serve at Horizons’ 4 outreach centers in Lebanon, and preparations have started to send more teams in 2018. The Chinese have gained a heart for the refugees, and their partnership with Horizons allows them to strengthen both their faith, and the faith of others.

Additionally, a campus ministry at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology partnered with Horizons International staff to sponsor an event focused on the topic of “Salvation in Christianity and Islam.” During Georges’ lecture, he spoke about the different approaches of salvation by faith, and salvation by works. There were many questions from Muslim audience members, and the Christian staff present were able to have many deep conversations with them afterwards.

A major highlight of the trip was Georges’ formal debate with Wael Ibrahim, an aggressive Muslim evangelizer in China, which was held in front of over 300 people. The topic was, “Has the Bible Been Corrupted?” Georges prepared slides to support his arguments for the reliability of scripture, showing the various manuscripts from the first 500 years of Christianity. Wael countered with common arguments criticizing inconsistencies in the historical texts, as well as the differences between the Gospels.

Georges Houssney debate with Wael Ibrahim

Regarding the debate, Georges said, “I did not expect to change his mind. I do not debate for the sake of my opponent, although some may hear the Lord’s message.  I debate for everyone in the audience, who may hear the truth and be awakened to it.” This belief was proven out, as after the debate, Georges was asked several questions by audience members—so many that his opponent had to petition the moderators to be allowed to answer the questions directed to Georges!

Click to watch the full video of Georges Houssney’s debate!

As we know, scripture always accomplishes the purpose for which it was sent (Isaiah 55:11). And so it was after the debate: one Muslim who attended the debate, and who is from a closed Arab country, asked to meet with Georges. Georges spoke with him, ministered to him, and met with him three more times within the week. At the last meeting, which lasted several hours, the man fell to his knees in Georges’ hotel room and surrendered his life to Jesus! We are praying for this new believer’s walk in Christ, and we pray that others will be affected by the debate in the same way.