Discipling 450+ people on a weekly basis in Beirut

At Horizons, our vision is accomplished through three goals: proclaim the gospel, disciple the nations, and equip the church. When people accept the message of the gospel, we invite them to join Bible studies to grow in the faith. When they develop spiritually enough so that they are ready to serve, we train them in how to disciple and mentor others.

Some people that we disciple are not yet believers. The teaching we provide for them is something we call “evangelistic discipleship”, as it’s basically the same content we use in discipleship, but communicated for those who have not yet believed. These evangelistic discipleship programs have lead many people to believe in Jesus and helped them to overcome their problems in order to bene t from their relationship with God. We have now 450+ people who we are discipling on a weekly basis.Cubs to Lions. Discipleship. Beirut. Oct. 2016. 1-9457

We partner with many local churches in discipleship, so we use many programs and curricula that they use, and also have our own curriculum designed for converts from Islam – Cubs to Lions, written by Georges Houssney.

Cubs to Lions. Beirut. Oct. 2016.19851. GeorgesWe have 13 video episodes of Cubs to Lions that were filmed in Arabic in front of a live studio audience of converts, and we use these videos all the time with small groups. We also conduct an annual Cubs to Lions event in Beirut, with 100-150 converts in attendance each year.


We also have special trauma counseling programs in order to help people that have been traumatized during the war and ensuing refugee crises. We conduct healing groups that provide a safe atmosphere for them to share about their experiences and walk together through the process of deep inner healing through the power of Christ and in the light of his Word.

– Ibrahim, Director of Discipleship, Lebanon

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