Horizons Kids Celebrate Family Day

This Saturday, 18th January, Horizons staff took time with kids to celebrate Family Day! 

Beginning the day by worshipping and praying with the kids, staff shared the Bible passage from the second chapter of Acts. They taught how the disciples at that time lived together in real unity, explaining that they were all of one heart and soul. They also explained how believers considered all their possessions to be common property and were used to meet everyone’s needs. The aim of the lesson was to show them how the apostles lived as one family

The teaching continued with staff explaining that when we give our hearts to Christ, we are adopted, becoming part of the family of God. Many of our children have lost at least one parent to war, so this message touched them deeply. They were greatly encouraged as they understood for themselves that we are now their family!

After the lesson, staff played several games with them. The aim of one game was to find things in common with each other and learn to focus on those, instead of personal differences. Another game purposed to help them create a better future with their new-found family, rather than living in the past memories of our earthly families. 

To end the day, the children prepared a craft: they drew a picture to represent the best memory that they have had with us so far. Underneath their drawings, as if to underline the day’s message, they wrote down the verse from Psalms 133:1: ‘Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brothers to dwell together in unity!’