Praise Report: Mohamad and His Family Relocated after Fire!

We have a quick praise report for all of you who have been following Mohamad’s story. If you dont know who Mohamad is, he is one of our students at the School of Hope who has gained a huge heart for Jesus and is a stellar student. To read more details about his story, you can do so on this post, but in short, last month a fire caused by a faulty outlet lead to the destruction of their home.

Many thanks to those of you who donated to help Mohamad and his family, we were able to help them rent another apartment that is even better than the last. They were given new blankets, pillows, and mattresses. In addition they were able to get clean drinking water installed which is a huge blessing!

After the fire devastated their old home:

The family settled into their new home:


All of this was only possible by the grace of God and by your generous support! Mohamad and his family are so grateful and blown away by the generosity they were shown. They would like to thank you all from the bottom of their hearts.