Supporting and Encouraging the Local Church

Three years ago, we started the Church Engagement Project. As partners in ministry here in Lebanon, our goal has always been to come alongside the national church and to help equip them, but never to take the place of the church. With this as a goal, we have appointed a Director of Church Relations, Khalil Abdelahad, to be in full time communication with the churches, to see how we can best serve them. This has lead to many exciting partnerships and events such as the pastors banquet. We also regularly give out humanitarian aid and evangelistic materials to encourage the churches to become more outward focused and to serve in their communities. In addition to aid and materials we offer our services, such as sending one of our photographers to a church event, or letting a paster utilize our media studio for free to record a sermon or a podcast. Lastly, because of the many wonderful people who have donated their finances to the Church Engagement Project, we are able to help pay for events put on by churches.

Lebanese Mission Trip to Kenya

kids ministryEvery church that we meet with, we share a vision for the great commission, and recently a church approached us and shared a vision they had for a mission trip to Kenya. The pastor of the Evangelical Baptist Church in Riak, Milad Haddad, really believes in the great commission and at his church they are preparing disciples to send all around the world to spread the gospel. The church is also helping the many refugees in Riak with food portions, medical help, and counseling. We are excited to come alongside the Evangelical Baptist Church in Riak and help pay for a large portion of their mission trip.

A spiritual Journey of Prayer in Baalbek


A group of pastors and ministers from many different churches have organized a group called “Prayers that Prevail.” The goal of this group is to pray specifically for Lebanon. Many of the churches represented in this group are partners with us, and two active members of the group are on our staff. 

Recently they organized an event called “A Spiritual Journey of Prayer in Baalbek” where they traveled to Baalbek and prayed over the country of Lebanon. We helped to make this prayer trip happen by paying for both the transportation and food, which greatly encouraged the group.

Pentecost event- Beirut Nazarene Church

On Pentecost Sunday, Beirut Nazarene Church, a partner with us, made a big breakthrough in their community through a celebration event they had. This was the first time the area of Karm El Zeitoun has witnessed an open air service where the sound of worship filled the air and the gospel was preached through loud speakers. People were very surprised and came asking questions. Many new people from the community came to the event. There were around 170 people in attendance and around 50 people came to the altar seeking salvation, prayer, healing and to​ be filled with the Spirit. This was such an incredible event and we are so inspired by the work Beirut Nazarene Church is doing in their community.Photo May 21, 2 22 01 PM.jpg

After the event we were thanked, saying, “These kind of events are so expensive for a local church to do without the help of partners. I thank the Lord for ​Horizons International who made it possible for us to reach our community through this event.” We were able to pay the expenses of the stage and the space for them, we bought nice speakers for the event, and we sent one of our photographers.

Intimate Relationship with Churches on the Ground

Since starting the Church Engagement Project, and even before that, we have established an intimate relationship with the local, on the ground, churches. Due to all our meetings with the local churches we are extremely in touch with the needs of the national church and are in the perfect position to serve them. If you are passionate about seeing the church in the Middle East grow sustainably and you want to support local churches but dont know how, give to our Church Engagement Project and we will give your money strategically to high impact projects put on by local churches.