Evangelism Fridays!


What’s Evangelism Friday?

Boutros Wehbe, our Senior Director of Field Ministries in Lebanon, recently launched “Evangelism Fridays”, a new initiative to mobilize our staff, interns, volunteers, and partners to share the gospel on a weekly basis in several areas of Beirut, and beyond!

Friday has become a significant day for Horizons since a team of our staff members are taking part in outreach, distributing bibles, and sharing the gospel on the streets to all that pass by. The following are a few stories from last Friday.IMG_5814

A Bible for free??

The distribution of many Bibles in the Ashrafieh area were accepted with much happiness. There was a woman who said I will pay the price of the Bible because she wanted it so much, but our staff member explained that we are actually giving out the Bibles for free. She took the Bible with great joy and was overwhelmed that we would be doing this with nothing to gain for ourselves.

“I must go down to take it myself!”

unnamedA sister was distributing Bibles and saw a man who was relaxing on his balcony. She yelled up to him, asking him if he wanted a Bible. He replied to her, “yes, I will let down my rope with a basket to take it. Many people in Lebanon that don’t live on the bottom floor, have baskets attached to ropes that they will let down to the street for someone to put something in and then they will reel it back up. Or vice versa they can put something in their basket and send it down to someone on the street. Anyways, as he let down the basket, he changed his mind yelled, “No. The Bible does not deserve to be brought up by a rope. I must go down to take it myself!” He was overcome by the love of God and our staff talked to him about the Lord for an extended period of time after this event.

The Bible is for everyone – even the cleaners.

Our staff entered a small shop on a main street where they found a cleaner working very hard at his job. One of our team members walked up to him and told him with a smile on his face, “I want to give you this Bible as a gift.” The man replied “A gift for me!!??”

He was amazed and delighted that someone, not only noticed him, but gave him a gift. The lower class here would certainly not expect for someone to show them love, and he was absolutely touched by this act by our staff and was excited about his new Bible.

Our cafe is being utilized for the Gospel.

If you didn’t know, Horizons has a cafe in an area of Beirut with many refugees and poor Lebanese. In our cafe, we offer different services for free as well as give people Bibles and Christian books. People come in often just for a drink but then we have the opportunity to share with them about Jesus. There are people who come every week and have many questions about Christ. There is one young man in particular that one of our staff shared with a couple weeks ago and he took a Bible. He began to read it and has been coming every two days since, asking for interpretations and what is meant by this or that verse as well as for prayer.