Gifting and Gratitude: A Sweet Letter from School of Hope student Angie to her supporters

At School of Hope, students are so happy to be able to go to school, and are so grateful for their sponsors. These kids, refugees displaced from their homeland and seeking some semblance of normalcy, truly grasp the importance of education and feel privileged that others’ generosity allows them to attend. This is a sweet letter from student Angie Hababe, written to a youth group that sponsors her. Angie fled the war with her family from Homs, Syria. She loves to draw and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. When we asked her for prayer requests, she asked that we would pray for her amazing teachers!

“To everyone who wrote to me, a big hello!

To the devotional group from grades 9 and 10, thank you I love you so much! And Jesus loves you too. Please keep praying for me!
To the girls from 11th and 12th grade, I like food so much but I never drink coffee. I like listening to music a lot. I love animals. pray for me so that when I grow up I become a vet. I am sure that in your country they really respect animals. I am so blessed to have sisters like you!
To James, Nate, Jeremy and Jackson, I love you too!
To the girls Savannah, Lea, Rebekka, Anika, Alona, Gianna, and the rest. Here it’s very hot too, school is almost over and summer has began. it’s so hot all the time.
Thank you all so much. You are always on my mind! I will be praying for you guys!”
Angie is one of the brightest at school. The principle and all the teachers are so proud of her, and think of her as an example at school, a model student.
School of Hope exists to educate children, and to minister to them in Jesus, until they are able to return to their homeland. Without continuous schooling, many kids who return to Syria are unable to re-enter the educational system—so School of Hope allows them to be prepared for lifelong education, and for a life in Christ. To learn more about School of Hope, or to sponsor a child of your own, visit School of Hope today.