House fire leaves one of our students homeless!

Last week, a fire caused by a faulty outlet, burned the home of our School Of Hope student Mohammad to the ground. Mohammad had just left to go to school with his mom when they looked back and noticed their home on fire. We thank the Lord that no one was inside at the time. They lost everything, including their legal papers… all gone in the fire.

They were living in a small bedroom on the roof of a building which was built illegally. Now that the municipality discovered it and they forbade the landlord to rebuild it.

Mohammad is a 2nd grade student who started attending the School Of Hope last year. He is from Aleppo, Syria and his family had to flee the country because of the war that cost them the life of his brother. His brother was 23 year old and he was fighting in the army. His family is traumatized by his death.

Mohammad leading the morning prayer for his friends.

Mohammad is now twelve years old. He would love to become an engineer when he grows up. He loves school and is loved by all his teachers.

After hearing the gospel for the first time, he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior! His parents didn’t appreciate the fact that he was praying to Jesus and worshiping Him since they are a Muslim family. They removed him from the school but he kept coming back to visit the teachers.

Mohammad during the Easter celebration, declaring that Jesus has risen on the third day!

Eventually, with the help of many people encouraging his parents, not only was Mohammad allowed to return to SOH, but his mother started attending the evangelical services at the Horizons Center!

Evangelical service for women at Horizons Center

Mohammad and his family need your help now. They need to find a place to stay. For the past week they were with friends, but as for all refugees, it was hard for all of them to stay together so they were asked to leave. They are now sleeping on the floor of the rooftop with nothing but some pillows and covers that they are borrowing from neighbors.

Will you help Mohammad’s family? Any donation will be a huge blessing and an opportunity to show this family that miracles happen in the name of Jesus Christ.

We need to raise $1500 dollars to restore the basic possessions that the family needs, plus 3 months rent at $500, so that they can find a good place to stay, plus $300 assistance to help restore their IDs and legal paperwork, making the total amount we need to raise $3,300 dollars. If the Lord has put it on your heart to help Mohammad and his family, you can do so by following the instructions below.

  1. Go to this link: School of Hope Donation form
  2. Click the “Give to” Dropdown menu and select “One time gift – Mohammad Adel Burnt Home Restoration Project”
  3. Under amount, click “Other” and then enter however much you feel you are capable of helping.

Thank you for your love and generosity!