Georges Houssney’s Trip To Asia (Pt. 3 of 3) — Taiwan

Georges Houssney’s Trip to Asia:

Speaking at the China Evangelical Seminary in Taiwan

A smaller country of only 23 million people, Taiwan is home to over a half a million Muslims from Indonesia and other Asian nations. Georges gave talks at the China Evangelical Seminary, which were attended by guests from many local churches.  He also spoke at a large Presbyterian Church. Many students expressed interest in helping Lebanese refugees through Horizons Internships in Beirut, and are now in the process of applying! We pray that their lives will be transformed as they see more of the world they hope to reach.


Whether in Hong Kong, China or Taiwan, Georges found that many new believers in Asia feel a deep desire to reach out to Muslims. This is a new area for most of them, as they have not had much practical experience, but are learning and getting involved fast. On this trip, many Chinese believers said that the teachings and trainings were life-changing and eye-opening.  Most of them have not known what to do when sharing Jesus with Muslims, and they have heard many unbiblical approaches. Georges’ biblical approach made a great impact for the Kingdom, and we pray that the coming years will bring forth much more fruit in this region.

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