Rezan: a Kurdish Refugee’s Testimony

Rezan is a Kurdish refugee who has found new life in Christ through the work of Horizons ministry partners in Lebanon. Below, Rezan shares how he gave his life to Christ through the ministry and discipleship of a staff member at Horizons’ Nabaa Center. He now serves a staff member himself, serving international ministry teams visiting Lebanon. Originally published in the August 2020 newsletter.

My name is Rezan. I am a Kurdish Syrian refugee serving with Horizons Lebanon, in the International Teams department. I came to Beirut, in 2012 after the Syrian civil war forced my family to leave our home.

Though we were Muslim, I had not been raised to understand “God” or why people went to a mosque or church. My mother was the first in my family to become Christian, after Christ spoke to her in a dream. Then at 13, I went with my mother to the Horizons Nabaa Center, where brother Charbel invited me to their youth meetings. I was busy, working to support my family financially, but something was telling me to go. When I did, I felt a deep calling to be there, and I never wanted to leave.

Rezan has served with Horizons since he was 13 years old.

Almost every day at the center, Charbel mentored me about God, and helped me build an image of Jesus as the perfect man. I wanted to follow in his steps. In mid-2013, I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior at the Horizons Nabaa Center. I felt a passion to serve and know God, and I read the Bible every single day at my job, at home, and on the bus.

I started volunteering with Horizons in 2013 before starting full-time in 2015, distributing humanitarian aid to refugees. I did whatever was asked—cleaning the center, distributing food packages, preparing chairs for meetings. Eventually I began my current role, serving international teams as they minister in Lebanon.

At Horizons, it has been my privilege to serve with a strong community of believers whose only desire is to do what God wants, even if that means leaving their family, job, or home. They have helped me build my faith theologically and spiritually, and shared with me the passion to serve and reach out to others.

One of the most important lessons I have learned is to be humble and not self-centered so I can love, care for, and help my neighbor. I have not just heard about miracles—I have seen them with my own eyes. My faith is not in some idea of God, but in someone who truly exists, because I have seen him at work through Horizons over the years.

God bless you, and I hope you will come see the miracles for yourself!