School of Hope Students Celebrate Teachers Day!

Celebrating the School of Hope Teachers

This past March, the School of Hope students couldn’t wait to express how thankful they were by honoring their teachers on Teachers Day! Our School of Hope teachers devote themselves to their students daily and they lay their lives down so that the lives of their students can flourish. Because of the Syrian Civil War, tens of thousands of Syrian kids have become political refugees in Lebanon. In addition to losing stable homes, friends, and family members, they’ve been unable to attend Syrian schools since 2011. To meet this need, Horizons’ School of Hope hires Syrian teachers who are experienced in the Syrian curriculum, to ensure that children may re-enter the Syrian system once they return home. The teachers not only provide quality education, but form special bonds with the students to ensure they feel understood.

The Celebration Begins

Refugee kids show appreciation to their teachers at School of Hope

Just as school was about to break for recess, lead teacher Miss Fatima asked all the instructors to gather in the chapel. Unbeknownst to them, she had organized the whole celebration as a surprise! After gathering all the teachers near the front of the chapel, each student came forward and presented them with a handmade card and a loving hug.

Horizons' School of Hope teachers pose with refugee students

After this acknowledgment, some 3rd and 4th grade students performed a rhythmic song on the drums. It wasn’t long before all the kids started to sing and worship! The teachers joined in the singing, and even started joyously dancing with the kids.

Syrian refugee students perform a song for their teachers at Horizons' School of Hope

A Hope Renewed

Syrian Refugee Students worshiping at Horizons International's Beirut Lighthouse

Syrian refugee children come to School of Hope suffering from heartache and severe trauma, but our teachers are delighted to represent and express the heart of Jesus to them everyday. So many children have testified that their time at School of Hope has helped them to heal, and even to come to know Jesus! The students experience real hope and joy while being surrounded by people who genuinely love them—so they were as excited and thankful as the teachers to celebrate Teachers Day with appreciation and togetherness.