Refugees from Afrin are blessed by aid and spiritual encouragement.

For those of you that have not read our previous blog post that covers the conflict in Afrin, you can do so here. But to recap in brief, there was recently a devastating battle in Afrin, which is a largely Kurdish city in northern Syria. Turkey has conquered the city and caused a new wave of thousands of refugees. Many of these refugees from Afrin have found there way to our center in Beirut and have been able to get plugged into our Kurdish ministry.

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Evangelical Service for Kurdish Refugees

We raised funds to purchase humanitarian aid so that we could respond to their great need. When they received the packages and the supplies provided for them, they were really amazed that a Christian organization would help them and offer prayer and encouragement to them. This has been a recurring theme throughout our ministry with refugees. They are always telling us how we have changed their views of Christians and how amazing it is that we love and help them for no gain of our own.

37344628-fb15-4c0d-93b9-b40c74853691One of the refugee families has a little daughter who had an accident from the journey and was hospitalized. So our team visited the daughter and prayed for her and the family. Today we received a voice message from the father saying that the child opened her eyes, was able to drink some milk, and was getting well with no fever. He thanked the team for their care, encouragement, and prayers.

Of the many people that we have visited and distributed food portions and home supplies to, now half or more of them have begun attending our services at our Nabaa Center.

After Ramadan we will gather all of the refugees from Afrin for fellowship on a Friday or Sunday evening. We are excited to have a big feast and share the word of God with them. We are expectant that the Lord will show up and reveal his love to these people in a time of darkness.

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We are in the process now of assigning different people to visit the new refugee families at their apartments. When we visit we will spend time hanging out, praying, and listening to them. If anyone wants to follow Christ, as their savior we will get them connected with one of our bible studies.