Exciting Testimony from recent Syria Mission Trip

Brother H, our Missions Coordinator, just took another mission trip to a large city in Syria. He went with a small team from Horizons and they spent 7 days there. During this time they were able to visit forty-two houses and about 170 people. Of those who were visited twelve of them chose Jesus to be their Savior!

Although there were many exciting testimonies, I will share with you one of those that we were especially excited about. Our staff met a young woman who comes from a non-christian background, but had a real heart for God and for truth. She had been searching for the Lord and who God really was. She felt that the beliefs from her childhood had not been sufficient and she began reading about different religions, which only brought her a lot of confusion. This week she had the opportunity to meet one of the Horizons members on this mission trip. They spent four and a half hours discussing the gospel and the truth about Christ, which concluded with her giving her heart to the Lord. After her heart was transformed with clarity and the love of Jesus, she was anxious to go with our staff to witness to her friend. Now her friend got excited about the good news of Jesus and after accepting Jesus in her heart, she also has begun sharing the gospel and her testimony in her university. Though the trials and persecution followed them immediately, they are standing firm in belief and continuing to preach the word to others in Syria.

At Horizons this is what we love to see – when evangelism leads to disciples making disciples. When the evangelism is done in love and prayer, and never forced upon someone, we see God move in amazing ways. And everyone of you reading this, no matter where you are in the world, have the capability of doing this and we encourage you to do so. Your neighbor in the United States needs Jesus in their life just the same as the refugees in Syria.   

God bless you and please pray for our frequent mission trips into Syria. Pray for more partnerships with local churches, more capacity to serve, and for more souls to find God.