Horizons International, the Church, & the Great Commission.

In Jesus’ last moments on earth, He left us with the command to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded.” This proclamation is more than just a “calling,” a gift bestowed upon certain followers; it is a life that Jesus commanded each and every one of us to participate in, no matter where we live or what we do.

Billions of people in the world today don’t know Jesus and the global church is struggling to reach them, especially in the Muslim world. This is a massive challenge, one that requires preparation and equipping. If you are reading this, you likely feel the desire to strengthen your personal witness and ministry in order to reach the lost and misled. Yet sometimes the task can be overwhelming. If you are experienced in ministry, you may wonder where God is leading you next. Or, if you are just starting to build your ministry, the question often is, “How do I start?”

No matter your level of experience, Horizons International exists to help you spread the light of the gospel. Founded by evangelist, church planter, and teacher Georges Houssney in 1994, Horizons equips people for ministry through conferences, trainings, vision trips, cross-cultural internships, and theological study. Our strategy is threefold:

  • Proclaim the Gospel – Spread the good news of the gospel through preaching, face-to-face evangelism, bible distribution, and media formats.
  • Disciple the Nations – Mentor new Christians and offer discipleship courses, internships, and conferences.
  • Equip the Church – provide powerful hands-on training for Christians to reach the world, especially the Muslim world, for Christ.

With these objectives, Horizons’ ministry initiatives have reached thousands of people with the gospel—and we have trained and equipped hundreds more to evangelize and minister in some of the least-reached regions of the world. We praise the Lord that in our obedience to the Great Commission, He has blessed and multiplied our efforts.  We are proud to live out our Mission Statement through our four ministry initiatives.

International Student Ministry

A third of all international students in the world study in the U.S.—and 80% of these never set foot in an American home. Even fewer will hear a clear presentation of the gospel. Our International Student Ministry is dedicated to “Reaching the Nations at our Doorstep,” serving over 18 major campuses in seven states. Through social gatherings, one-to-one discipleship, language tutoring, and opening homes to international students, Horizons team members extend a loving hand to this under-served community.

Muslim Ministry

Trablos Center

Horizons invites Muslims to a sustained and fulfilling relationship with Jesus Christ by recognizing and addressing the spiritual, emotional, and cultural hardships they face in their walk with Christ.  Through bold and unashamed evangelism, Arabic Bible distribution, humanitarian aid, and indigenous missionary training, we demonstrate and spread a love that frees captives of Islam in increasing numbers. Our trust in the love and gospel of Christ has created deep inroads into many Islamic countries, cultures, and hearts.



Since 1990, Horizons has equipped the church by training over 2,000 missionaries, and thousands of other Christians and indigenous workers, for ministry among Muslims. To that end, we have developed multiple renowned training and discipleship programs, such as Cubs to Lions, Engaging Islam Institutes, and The Engage Course. Horizons also sponsors the Legacy Conference, which mobilizes the church to recognize and address Islamic falsehoods, and which unites a community of ministries, scholars, evangelists, and educators who are committed to ministry to Muslims.

Biblical Missiology

Biblical Missiology is a global collaborative partnership of Christian leaders, converts from Islam, indigenous church leaders, missionaries, and theologians, who address local and global issues pertaining to missions, missionaries, and missions sending organizations.  As a community, it produces relevant and biblical articles, audio, video, and training resources to educate and unify the Church. On both www.BiblicalMissiology.org and at sponsored events, this community represents a positive approach to bible translation and missiological theology, and directly challenges evangelistic practices and methods that do not honor God.

Where and How we Serve

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Through our four ministry areas, we have reached, discipled, and equipped many with the gospel. Today, over 120 Horizons team members serve in over 30 locations around the world. Praise God! Given our focus on Muslim ministry, the large majority of our missionaries and staff are concentrated in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, connected by our headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon.


In Lebanon, the Lord has blessed us with four evangelical and humanitarian aid centers, as well as the School of Hope educational center for Syrian refugee kids. Since the Syrian refugee crisis started in 2012, our centers have been filled with refugees hungry to hear more about Jesus. In God’s wisdom, He has taken one of the great tragedies of our time and turned it into a window of opportunity for the love of Jesus to spread through a notoriously unreachable area. In addition to our direct ministry initiatives, we work to upbuild, equip, and connect indigenous churches, and encourage them to reach out and make disciples.

As God has blessed our ministry, the staff of Horizons International is working tirelessly and fearlessly around the globe to proclaim the gospel, disciple the nations, and equip the church. Trained in theology, language acquisition, evangelism, and mentorship, our team members are prepared to minister to the lost and needy—and they experience the fulfillment that comes with obeying the Lord’s command to go out and make disciples of the nations.

That’s why we’ve started the Horizons International blog.  There are so many profound stories, so many moving testimonies, so many Christ-led miracles happening each day. We are honored to be a part of the Kingdom work, and we praise God for his faithfulness in bringing about the harvest He promises.

However, while the harvest is plentiful, the laborers are few.  Many Christians view ministry and evangelism as a calling—but Jesus’ commission to us is a command.  If we do not obey His call to evangelize and minister to the lowly, the weak, the imprisoned, the naked, and the lost, then our fulfillment in Christ is at best incomplete—and at worst, misled. We will not be “armchair Christians,” offering empty prayers and going on about our lives like the rabbis who passed a robbery victim on the side of the road. God calls us all to make a difference, and Horizons staff members are making that difference every day.

If you are reading this, then you likely hear the call on your heart too. Perhaps want to join a team in the field, or support them administratively. Perhaps God has blessed you with prosperity, so that your financial gifts can help build His Kingdom.   Maybe you’re looking to be strengthened and equipped for your own personal ministry, or maybe you simply desire inspiration and encouragement in your faith. The differences between us are what make the body of Christ so beautiful and diverse.

God is calling all of us to have a heart for missions and evangelism. He is passionate that his Word be spread. No matter what role you play in the global church, we at Horizons International want to come alongside you, and strengthen you as an ambassador of Christ.

How can you get involved with Horizons?

  1. Sign up for our newsletter and blog.
  2. Check out our training materials and consider attending a conference or training.
  3. Give of your finances by supporting one of our many global initiatives.
  4. Join our prayer list to provide spiritual covering over those working in the field.
  5. Connect with us, and find out how else you can get involved, by emailing us at connect@horizonsinternational.org