Hilki: A Former Muslim’s Testimony

Hilki’s story is one of many former Muslims who have found new life in Christ through the work of Horizons and ministry partners worldwide. Below, Hilki shares how a relative shared the good news of Christ that lead to his salvation, before becoming a pastor and seeing hundreds of Muslims come to faith in Jesus. Originally published in the October 2020 newsletter.

My name is Hilki. I grew up Muslim in Kosovo, believing that Islam was the only true religion. While I frequently attended the Mosque to show devotion to God, I felt empty; my efforts at religion never gave me freedom from sin. Then, my cousin in Finland shared Christ with me.

I began earnestly reading the Bible and comparing it to the Quran, finding to my surprise that the Bible spoke with authority. I was confused, and began to pray earnestly that God would show me the way. After months of inner turmoil, I had a vision of Christ that convinced me I had truly
found God. At twenty-one, I was baptized and my entire life changed. I became a new person and saw the world through new eyes.

Pastor Hilki Berisha and his wife Denida.

Since then, I have had the joy of serving with B.U.M. Church in Kosovo. Our church was founded in 1994 when Pastor Femi and a couple of friends began meeting together for Bible study, and Georges Houssney began mentoring them through the process of planting a church. I joined them shortly after, and through Georges’ mentorship, began to serve as an elder. I cannot imagine how B.U.M. Church would have grown in numbers, vision, and leadership without Georges’ help and support.

In 2012, B.U.M. sent me to plant a church in eastern Kosovo. Eventually, this vision expanded from planting one church to establishing churches throughout Kosovo in villages where there are none. While Kosovo’s Muslim religion and secularism creates tough ground for ministry, we have seen God at work. Through my years as pastor and church planter, I have seen hundreds of Muslims come to faith in Jesus, and we are already starting to see a transformation in Kosovo.

Just as Jesus has changed my heart, I pray that new believers will form communities that change our nation and culture as lights for the gospel. Bless you all!

Hilki, Elder at B.U.M. Church in Kosovo